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January 20, 2013
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Clap your hands, everybody!
And everybody just clap your hands!
Clap your hands, everybody!
And everybody just clap your hands!

“Oh, it’s on again!” Feliciano cheers, turning the car radio up.
You laugh. “Yeah, again,” you say as Arthur’s voice starts to sing from the radio.

Hey, hey, Daddy, could I have some rum?
Hey, hey, Mummy, Hey, Hey, Mummy
It doesn’t matter what I do, I never forget,

“Since when are you so excited about their music?” you ask as Alfred’s voice chimes in loudly with Arthur’s.

The taste of Apple Pie we had long ago in my head!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
I am America!

“Aren’t you excited, ________?! We’re friends with them! No, wait, you’re Arthur’s girlfriend! That’s even more exciting!” Feliciano gabbles quickly and then starts to sing along.

Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Stare a while, that’s the earth!
Should that happen to be the earth!
I am England!

You turn it down again, unable to stand Feliciano’s volume competition with the radio.
“H-hey, ________, I was listening to that!” he protests.
“Stop yelling out the words and I’ll turn it back up again,” you say with a giggle, raising the volume once more until he was happy and started muttering along with it instead.
You’re pleased for Alfred and Arthur, of course you were, but hearing their music everywhere you go was starting to get weird. Chart-topping music is what shopping centres and radios always play and Alfred and Arthur are always topping the charts, so you can’t escape them, even when they’re on their tours.
Still, you’re happy that they’re coming home later on today. Feliciano decides to remind you of this.
“Are you excited to see Arthur later, ________?” he asks.
“Of course I am, Feli. I still think they’re morons, though. They know the public will just swarm the airport,” you reply. That was the stupid thing. They insist on flying publicly, even though they fly in first class. Fans and photographers crowd the airport in hopes of seeing their idols or getting a good snap for the newspaper.
It would be worse this time, but you’re still going to greet them anyway.
“Here we go, Feli. You coming over tomorrow with the other guys?” you ask.
“Of course! Parties are fun!” he says. He grins and gets out of the car, “Thanks for the ride, ________. See you tomorrow.”
You watch as Alfred leaps about the stage energetically as he sings whilst Arthur continues playing his red guitar, singing too. The crowd is lively and singing along loudly.
Deciding to leave for the airport, you turn the TV off, the two boys disappearing from the screen.
“Time to face the mob,” you say, grabbing your keys and going out to your car. The radio starts up as soon as you switch on the engine.

-a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circ-

You slam your hand down on the off button. It’s a great song and you love it, but it’s playing way too much. If it’s not on once station then you can guarantee it’s on another one. If it’s not ‘Draw a Circle’ then it’s going to be one of their other chart-toppers.
Once you reach the airport, you look at the piece of paper you wrote the flight information on – not that you really needed it. An abnormally large crowd has already formed around one of the gates, most of the people there wearing familiar t-shirts with album logos, band logos and Alfred and Arthur’s faces on them. A lot of people are clutching little notepads, in the hope they might get a signature or two, or they have cameras.
How the hell people knew that they would be on this flight you had no idea. Word gets out and people go crazy, wanting to get a glimpse of their idols.
You push past fans until you reach a metal barrier, clearly put there for Alfred and Arthur’s benefit.
The board above you had informed everyone the plane had in fact landed and they were collecting their baggage. People prepare their cameras and notepads, grinning. You must be the only person there who looks very bored. Well, you and several other people who are waiting for someone else from the same flight.
The door opens and passengers start appearing slowly. You lean forward on the barrier, excited to see Arthur for a completely different reason to the other fans.
A couple of girls walk past you dragging their suitcases behind them, one of them saying, “Oh my god, did you see Arthur Kirkland? He looked amazing!”
“I know, but I prefer Alfred much more! He’s so hot!” the other says.
You roll your eyes.
Suddenly, some of the girls in the crowd start squealing, alerting everybody else of their arrival.
You perk up when you see Ivan appear, pushing a trolley full of their luggage even though he’s meant to be there to guard.
Then Alfred and Arthur appear, both carrying their guitars and wearing their usual jackets, the Union Flag on Arthur's and the American flag on Alfred's. They wave at the crowd who are now taking pictures and yelling their names.
“Arthur!” you shout, but among the other people shouting ‘Arthur’, it’s not going to be much use. There’s not much else you can do. You glance down at the barrier in front of you and would jump it, but the other men there to guard would probably stop you faster than you could even get close to your boyfriend.
You frown, trying to get an idea. The two boys have stopped to talk to Ivan about something, still waving occasionally at their fans.
Then, inspiration hits you.
“Iggy!” you yell as loud as you can. The Englishman turns, his face lighting up, as soon as he hears you. He instantly starts searching the crowd. This is your chance.
You jump the barrier just as Arthur spots you and starts to grin. You run up to him as soon as he starts to approach you. You leap at him and wrap your arms around his neck. He laughs and takes a step back to keep his balance.
“Hey, ________,” he says, voice muffled by your hair.
“Hi!” you say, putting your feet back on the floor. He leans down to kiss you and the cameras start flashing all over again.
Girls have started screaming ‘Iggy’ now. You giggle, “I can’t use that one anymore.”
“Never mind,” he says with a smile as he takes your hand, “Did you miss me, love?”
“Only a whole lot! I’m lost without my ‘Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman’,” you say, quoting the name of one of his songs, making him grin.
Alfred had still been talking to Ivan so he didn’t notice what Arthur had been doing.
When the American turned his head and spotted you, a wide grin appeared on his face. He instantly marched over to you and took you up in a bear hug, saying, “________-dude! How’ve you been?!”
“I’m great, Alfred! Missed you guys, though,” you reply.
“Aww, you missed me most, right?” Alfred asks with a chuckle.
“Come on, guys, we need to get going,” Ivan says. He smiles at you and the three of you follow him out of the airport and to his car.
“I need to get my car. Meet you back at your place?” you ask Arthur.
“Tell you what, I’ll come in your car with you and we’ll all meet back at ours,” Arthur replies.
“Dude, that’s not fair! I wanna hear all the gossip! What is everyone saying about me!?” Alfred says as Arthur shuts him into Ivan’s car. He then takes your hand and you walk to your car, a guard following behind you. Everyone dispersed as soon as you had left the airport, so there wasn’t much need for him, but it was understandable.
“________, it’s not very romantic, but I said to myself as soon as I got back I’d do this,” Arthur explains as you both get into the car. The guard disappears back to Ivan’s car.
Arthur reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box.
“I want you to come with us next time. If you can put up with the screaming fans, that is. But, anyway, I want you to come with me not just as my girlfriend but as my wife. Will you marry me?”
He opens the box revealing a diamond ring that sparkles with every miniature movement. Your jaw drops, but then you begin to smile. You nod, at a loss for words. Arthur takes your hand and slides the beautiful ring onto your finger.
A few tears escape you eyes as you give him your delayed answer, “Yes. I will. I definitely will.”
Arthur puts his arm around your waist and kisses you, “I love you. Don’t ever forget that.”
Suddenly the radio comes to life as you accidentally press the on button with your elbow.

Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
Draw a circle, that’s the earth!
I am England!

Arthur hits the off button, “Bloody song. Everywhere we went we had to listen to it and then we had to play it again every evening.”
You laugh, wiping your damp cheek with your sleeve, “It’s been just as bad here. I must hear it at least four times when I go out.”
“I would have preferred hearing it here because I’d be with you. …Y’know, Mrs. ________ Kirkland suits you,” he says, taking your hand and gently twisting your engagement ring around your finger.
“So you missed me, then?” you ask with a mischievous grin.
He kisses you again and says, “During shows, travelling, signing autographs… Every single moment I spent missing you.”
It's still snowing. I'm not going out, so have another little something ;) I should be doing my requests, really, but I was listening to Marukaite Chikyuu and was inspired. If you haven't heard Alfred & Arthur's duet, go listen NOW! It's so awesome (Here it is, go listen! - [link]) This was the version that inspired me (well, this and Arthur's 'Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman' - [link]) because some random stuff pops into my head when I listen to music... :P Alfred and Arthur's Marukaite Chikyuu's sound great together!

So, hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated, as always :D

Pic isn't mine, found on Google, as always ;)

(If any mistakes are spotted, please tell me. I find writing about Alfred and Arthur really difficult because I get their names mixed up by accident sometimes and have to read through it super carefully and even then I overlook some name mixups!)

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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Thehomestuckfangirl8 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member
Lauren Kirkland :/
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That's nice ^^
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Alizah Kirkland....... weird.... but cool. Allie Kirkland sounds much better/still odd. *using nickname*
Marshmallow-Maraca Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
awh, no, that's lovely~
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks, sounds weird to me though.... like a little kid... Then again that does work with me XD
AnimePanther921 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
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Marshmallow-Maraca Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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I love the story!!!
Marshmallow-Maraca Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, I think that sounds quite nice ^^ Kirkland is a pretty surname and I think it goes with a lot of first names :3 including Eve

glad you liked it!
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