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May 21, 2013
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“Vlad?” you call, walking into the house that has been left open for you. Today, you’ve been invited round to the Romanian’s house to hang out for the day because he had something to tell you, which you eagerly accepted, of course. Having a crush on him means you’d like to spend as much time with his as you can.
“Hey, ________,” Vlad replies, “I’m in the lounge.”
You make your way through and grin at him when you see him sat with a bunch of glass bottles full of random liquid in front of him.
“What are you doing?” you ask.
“Oh, nothing really. Here, give me a hand to move this stuff into the other room,” he says, picking up a couple of the bottles. You do the same and follow him to another, darker room where even more bottles sit on shelves – his ‘magic room’. You have known about his little magic obsession for a while now. He thinks he can make potions and you just kind of accept it, really. The same goes for Arthur.
“Just put them up there,” he says, nodding to a shelf. You do as he says as he goes to retrieve the last of the bottles. As he does so, you take a look at the supposed spell books lining his shelves. It’s the same at Arthur’s house. You don’t get what the obsession is all about, to be honest.
The liquid in the largest of the few bottles he was messing with has turned an odd purple. You go to place it back on the shelf but, by accident, you catch it on the edge of the shelf and drop it. The glass smashes on the floor and you, in a panic, drop to your knees and pick up as much glass as you can, the purple liquid seeping into the carpet. It gets all over your hands and you grimace in disgust at its thick texture as it drips through your fingers. You pile the glass up next to the spill and try to get as much of the mixture off your hands as possible and-
…hang on, what’s happening to your hands?
You analyse them properly and notice… is that hair? Hair is sprouting all over your palms! And your nails are getting a little longer. You run over to the mirror by the bookshelf and stare at yourself as you watch your appearance change dramatically. (h/c) hair starts to sprout all over your body and it feels ever so strange as your body shape transforms. Your ears change to point upwards and you’re getting smaller and smaller until eventually you’re in a pile of your clothes.
Wriggling out of the clothes, you look down at your hands and find yourself to be looking at paws.
You run over to the full length mirror and find that you have turned into a cat! You let out a long howl in shock, feeling your face to make sure that this is definitely what you’re seeing and you’re not just looking into a trick mirror or something.
No, definitely you, whiskers and all.
“________? What was tha-” Vlad starts to say, entering the room in a rush to find out where that horrible howling was coming from, but he stops when he sees your clothes piled on the floor and the potion bottle smashed.
“Oh no. ________?!” he calls, putting the last of the bottles down on the desk and looking around wildly, but then he notices the little (h/c) cat sat by the mirror. Eyes wide, he approaches you and kneels next to you.
“…________?” he asks, unsure.
“Of course it’s me! Look what that stupid potion of yours did!” you yell at him, angrily.
He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, it’s you. No cat meows like that.”
“Meows? I’m not meowing, you idiot!” you growl, but then you realise that this probably isn’t the case from his point of view.
“Calm down, ________! I’ll… I’ll fix it somehow, okay?” he says, picking you up, much to your annoyance, so you start to kick him. He dumps you on the table and grits his teeth, looking at his arm where you were kicking, “Ow! That hurt! Listen, just calm down and let me look through my spell books.” You watch him find, what looks to you like, a random spell book and sit at the desk. You stare at him with an angry glare for a few moments before he glances up.
“You’re an idiot,” you say.
“What? I can’t understand what you’re- Look, I’m sorry, ________, but I’ll fix it, okay? Go and chase mice or something,” he says.
You flick your tail at him angrily before leaping off of the table, muttering, “Stupid vampire.”
Looking around his lounge, you find a couple more spell books under the coffee table. You can’t deny that the magic isn’t real now, and you feel a little bad that you didn’t believe him or Arthur.
You walk into the kitchen and discover a couple of (favourite flowers) sitting on the kitchen worktops. As you jump up next to them, you see a little note:

For ________.

I love you.


Your eyes widen slightly as you reread the note once more. Well, that’s clearly what he had to tell you.
At least you now know he feels the same way that you do about him.
“________?” you hear. Perking up your ears, you jump down from the counter and trot into the lounge. The Romanian appears from his magic room with his book and says, “There you are. I think this might work. Just sit still, okay?”
He places the book on the table and picks you up, but before he says anything, he laughs, scratching you behind the ear, “You’re cute like this, ________! Look at your little nose!”
You glare at him, highly unimpressed. He picks up on your bad mood and puts you down on the couch, “Sorry. Now, let’s get on with it, hm?”
Clearing his throat and handing you your clothes for when you’re back to normal, he holds out his hands towards you and chants, “Poțiune nu a reușit, un blestem nefericit, se întoarcă la mine, ca om și de a ajuta pentru a inversa.
You shut your eyes as you sense yourself changing. Your paws stretch out and you feel them turn back to normal. Your arms grow longer and your ears go back to their usual shape. You put your fingers on the back of your hand and feel smooth skin instead of the fur you had a moment ago.
When the sensation stops, you blink open your eyes to see Vlad staring at you in shock.
“…________?” he says.
“Did it work?” you ask, but then clamp your hands over your mouth at the sound of your significantly higher voice. You frown in annoyance, “Vwad, what did you do?!” You gasp again at the sound of your childish lisp, then look at your hands and see that they’re noticeably smaller, which then causes you to look down at your smaller body underneath your very baggy clothes.
“You…” he waves his hands around, trying to find the right words.
“Vwad!” You climb down off of the couch and run to the mirror as best you can, holding your t-shirt up like a dress.
You’ve got the body of a little child.
“I don’t think I did that right,” he comments, making you turn and yell at him.
“Of couwrse you didn’t! Look what you’ve done to me!”
He walks over and picks you up again, holding you close, as if he has a fear of dropping you, “I didn’t mean to! ________, I’m sorry!”
You bury your face in his neck, muttering, “Just change me back.”
Vlad hugs you tightly before carrying you into his magic room again, sitting you on the desk and picking up a book.
“What do you think went wrong?” you ask, before getting distracted by a bottle on his desk, picking it up and playing with it, just like a child would.
He watches you for a moment, a frown on his face, and then he says, “I’m not sure, but- …are you having fun there?”
You look at him, sheepishly, as if you had done something wrong until he shakes his head, “I believe you’re mind is that of a child’s with the exception of your memories.”
“I don’t feel like a child,” you say, shrugging.
“Well, you’re not really a child. Hm, y’know what, I think we’re going to need someone else’s help. Would you mind us going to Arthur’s place?” he asks.
You sigh, “Do we have to bwing someone else into this?”
“________, I don’t know if I would have the nerve to try anything else in case something else goes wrong! Come on, trust me.” He helps you down from the desk and takes your hand, leading you to his car after grabbing the spell book he used, “You’re still cute, y’know.”
“If you’re trying to make it up to me, then it’s not working,” you say as you climb up onto the seat and he helps you put your seatbelt on, which you thank him for.
“I’m not trying to do anything. I prefer the regular you instead, though. She’s pretty,” he mumbles the last couple of words so that you just manage to hear him.
“You think I’m – the real me – pretty?” you ask, staring up at him with big (e/c) eyes.
“Well, yeah…”
You sit quietly for the short drive to Arthur’s house, thinking it over. You decide to wait until you’re back to normal before you tell him…
Vlad stops the car right outside of Arthur’s house, “Here we are. Do you… do you want help getting out of the-”
“No!” you say, opening the door and pressing the button to release yourself from the seat. You slide onto the car floor and then out of the car, holding up your dress-like baggy tee-shirt. Vlad grabs the jeans you were wearing, ready for when you’re back to normal, his spell book and then picks you up, despite your protests, and carries you up the steps to his front door, ringing the bell. Your arms automatically slip around his neck for support and he gives you an encouraging smile.
Arthur opens the door and glances at you.
“Hello, Vladimir. …Who’s this?” he asks.
“It’s ________,” he tells him.
“_-________?!” he says, looking at you in surprise.
“Hi Arthuwr…” you say, rolling your eyes for speaking with a childish lisp.
“Vlad, what did you do to her?!” he asks, gesturing for him to follow him inside.
“Well, she spilt one of my potions which turned her into a cat and then when I tried to change her back, this happened!” he explains, putting you on Arthur’s couch with your jeans and then flips to the page he used in his spell book, pointing at the spell he used.
“…Okay, I’ll see what I can do,” Arthur finally says, going into his own magic room, which is in his basement. Vlad glances at you and then takes you and your clothes with him to follow the Brit downstairs.
Arthur runs a finger along the spines of his books, looking for the right one, until he pauses when he lands on one, “Here we are. Reversal spells.”
“Will that change her back?” Vlad asks, hugging you close again.
Arthur shrugs, “I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Although, wasn’t the spell you used on her a reversal spell?”
“It was a reversal spell for potions. This won’t turn her back into a cat, will it?”
“I don’t want to be a cat again,” you comment.
“It… it shouldn’t do,” Arthur replies, but he sounds unsure.
“Well, I guess we can give it a shot,” Vlad says, putting you on the table and slipping your jeans over your legs as Arthur looks through the spell book. They trail all the way to the floor, making you giggle. Vlad smiles and turns to Arthur when he says he’s found something.
“I’m going to try this one,” Arthur says, “Hold this for me, will you?” He hands the open book to the Romanian and puts a hand on your little shoulder.
Accidentalis maledictionem frangere, deveniendum est ad normalis, converterent errore,” Arthur chants. You keep your eyes closed once again, praying that this is all it will take to turn you back to normal. You take a deep breath and feel yourself growing, stretching…
After a few moments of hope, you open your eyes to see Vlad smiling at you. Arthur looks pretty pleased with himself, too, so this gives you a very good feeling.
“Please tell me it worked,” you say, looking down at yourself to see that you’ve grown into your clothes.
“Well, you haven’t got fur and your clothes fit, so I’m going to say yes,” Vlad replies with a grin. You jump off of the desk and into Vlad’s arms, hugging him tightly.
You hug Arthur, too, saying, “Thanks, Arthur.”
“You’re welcome, love. Try not to spill any more potions, okay?” he says with a chuckle.
“Okay,” you nod and then look back at Vlad, “Sorry about that, Vlad. I didn’t mean to smash it.”
“Sorry for turning you into a little kid,” he replies, putting his arm around you, “Y’know, ________, I’m going to say this before I turn you into anything else.”
“I love you,” you say for him, to which he nods and repeats your words.
“Yeah, I love you~…” he kisses you gently.
When you pull away, you say, “Vlad?”
“Don’t you dare turn me into anything else ever again.”
Titles. I can't name things. How awful XD

Well, whatever, this was requested by :iconlarriss: for her birthday :3 So, Happy Birthday!! Hope you like it! :D

Yes, Vlad chants in Romanian and Arthur in Latin XD the spells are a load of rubbish and Google Translate mucked them up, so... XD

Pic not mine, found on google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)

I own nothing but the wordyness :3 ;)
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