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October 31, 2013
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“I can’t find my shield!”
“I don’t want to be The Hulk, Alfie!”
“Where’s my bag for my candy?!”
“Why can’t Kumajiro wear a costume too?!”
“I want two candy bags!”
“Alfie’s going to steal my candy!”
You sigh heavily as you sit on the couch, running your hands through your hair. This has been your week. The same questions and statements repeated over and over again. Daily. Having two hyper-active six year olds the week before Halloween is a nightmare, and if it isn’t for your husband, Arthur, you might go mad from the constant whining.
“________, love, do you want some tea?” Arthur’s voice comes from the kitchen once he’s finally put the boys to bed.
“That’d be great,” you tell him, yawning widely, having just spent half an hour making Kumajiro, Matthew’s bear, a black cape and mask after your youngest twin whined too much for your liking. Alfred tried hard to convince you he really should have two bags to hold all of his candy in instead of just one, but you didn’t give in to that.
Arthur comes into the lounge and puts your cup on the coffee table, saying, “Here you are, poppet.”
“Thanks, sweetie,” you say, sipping the warm drink and humming in appreciation.
Arthur sits next to you and looks at the few decorations dotted around the place, “It’ll all be over tomorrow.”
“Yeah, great, then I’ve got to spend as long as their treats last stopping Alfred from stealing Mattie’s and eating it all in one go. Matt’s good with his candy, but…” You shake your head and continue, “You know, I caught Alfred stealing from the candy bowl again.”
“We’ll hide it from him next year,” Arthur says with a chuckle, relaxing back into the couch. He picks up today’s newspaper, this being the only chance he’s had all day to read it, and he sips his own drink.
Of course, the boys are just as hyper on the thirty-first. You manage to keep them quiet until lunch time, but only because you make their lunch Halloween themed (English muffins with tomato sauce, cheese and black olives to look like mummies).
But, despite everything, the two of them are being good today, not whining or complaining at all. Alfred has settled on one candy bag, Matthew is happy now his bear has a costume and they’re both watching Halloween specials on one of the kids’ TV channels, Matthew drawing too, until Arthur gets home so you can take them out trick-or-treating.
After that, they both decide to put their costumes on. Well, Alfred decides to do so and he drags Matthew off to change as well. The elder of the twins chose Captain America for this year’s costume whereas his brother has chosen to be a simple ghost. You’ve tried hard with Matthew’s ghost instead of just draping a sheet over his head with eye holes cut in it.
“You don’t need a costume. You can pass for a ghost without one,” Alfred told him one morning, “People don’t notice you, anyway.”
He received a stern telling-off from his father whilst you consoled his wailing brother.
“Mama, do I look okay?” a quiet voice asks as you’re putting the bowl of candy by the door for the trick-or-treaters coming to your house tonight. You turn to see two purple eyes peering through eye holes in the hooded cape you’ve made for him, hood coming down to just under his nose, light chains draped around his neck with the word ‘boo!’ sewn onto his shoulder. You kneel in front of him, smiling.
“You look very cute, Mattie,” you tell him, kissing his forehead gently.
“I’m not meant to look cute!” he complains, dropping the specially named ‘masked-toothy-terror’ (Kumajiro being his secret identity) to the floor, “I’m meant to be scary…”
“You do, Matt!” you say, recovering yourself, “Very scary. Better not sneak up on Daddy, okay?” You wink and Matthew giggles, and you can tell he is secretly plotting an idea right this second.
“AND HERE COMES THE HERO!” a yell comes from the top of the stairs. You look up just as Alfred is running down, shield hooked on his arm and mask pulled over his face. He grins as he stands in front of you, hands on his hips, “Have no fear, Captain America is here!”
“Very nice, Alfie. I think I’m going to feel safe out there with the rest of the monsters if you’re right next to me,” you say, smiling, “Right, your dad will be home in a minute. Go and tidy up your toys that you left on the floor.”
They both nod and run off to do so. You smile to yourself as you stand up again, fixing the Halloween banner that’s gone lopsided on the wall. Matthew and Alfred’s pumpkins are sat by the door, waiting to be put outside. They both drew faces on and scooped out the insides, but you had to cut the faces out. They’re not bad this year, unlike last year’s disasters. They’ve both managed to draw easy to cut out, sinister looking faces.
As you put them outside, Arthur’s car pulls up onto the driveway. You notice Matthew waiting for him out of the corner of your eye, and he jumps down to most probably find a hiding place. Arthur smiles as he gets out, “Hi, love.”
“Hi, Artie. Good day?” you ask as he approaches you and presses a kiss to your lips.
“Not bad, I suppose. The boys have been keeping you busy, I assume?” he says, following you inside.
“They’ve been alright. Oh, but when Matthew jumps out at you, act scared,” you whisper, gesturing for him to go first.
“It’s alright. I’ve got it covered,” he replies, lifting the corner of his mouth to reveal vampire tooth caps. You giggle and let him go. Hopefully this won’t scare Matt in return.
Arthur steps into the lounge and, of course, your youngest son jumps out. “Boo!” he shouts, arms thrown up into the air as Kumajiro goes flying. Arthur jumps back and clutches at his chest dramatically, playing the part.
“Oh, Matthew, you nearly frightened me to death!” Arthur says, but then he kneels down so he’s face to face with him, “Well, that would be the case… if I were capable of dying so easily.” You see him bare his teeth in a sinister looking grin. Behind the hood, Matthew’s eyes widen in horror.
“D-Daddy…” he whimpers. Before you know it, he’s off like a rocket, charging behind Alfred, “Alfie! Daddy’s a vampire!”
“…He what?” Alfred says, looking up at his father sceptically. Eventually, he shakes his head and mutters, “It’s always the quiet ones…”
This makes you collapse onto the couch with laughter as Arthur stares back at Alfred in disbelief. You don’t know if he was trying to scare or shock the elder of the two boys, but either way, it didn’t work. He should have seen this coming, really. Alfred isn’t like other kids…
When you’ve calmed yourself, you say, “Alright, so we’re going to put on our costumes, too. Don’t wreck the lounge and, Alfie, don’t take any candy from the bowl!”

The time soon comes for when Alfred and Matthew can go trick or treating. They started getting fidgety when the first trick-or-treater (a Frankenstein’s monster) comes to your door.
“Mama! Mama, we can go too, right?” Alfred says, grabbing his candy bag – Captain America patterned, of course – and Matthew picks his ghost patterned one up, too.
“Of course. C’mon then, boys, let’s go,” you say. You’re letting your now appropriately dressed vampire husband to answer the door for trick-or-treaters whilst you take the boys out. “I’ll see you in a little while, okay?” you say to Arthur.
“Alright. Have fun, you two,” he says, ruffling Alfred’s hair before he pulls his Captain America mask on his head. They’re out the door like lightning, so you have to run after them, yelling at them to slow down. Normally, anyone would pause and stare if a woman in a cat costume was chasing a hyperactive superhero and ghost carrying a masked polar bear down the street, but it’s Halloween, so it’s not so out of place tonight, you guess.
“Alfred,” you call. He comes to a halt at last and you point at the nearest house, “Go on. I’ll wait here.”You stand at the gate whilst Alfred and Matthew go wandering up the path to hammer on the front door. You know this is Toni’s house, so you lean on the gate and watch with a smile.
“Hola guys!” Toni says as he answers the door, a big bowl of candy in his hands, “Oh, wow, you both look so awesome!”
“Captain America wants two pieces of candy!” Alfred says, holding his bag out.
“Alfred!” you say, “Don’t be greedy!”
“Nah, it’s okay,” Toni says, putting two pieces of candy in his bag, “How are you, chica? You’re looking great tonight.”
You giggle, “Oh, yeah, dressed like this?” you hold up your fluffy tail with one hand and smirk, “…Where are Lovi and Feli?”
“They’ve gone out with Gilbert and Ludwig even though Lovi really didn’t want to. Gilbert offered, seeing as he was taking Ludwig out anyway. If you see a tomato with Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, that’s them.”
“Mama! I’m going now,” Alfred announces, walking back down the path holding Matthew’s wrist.
“Hey, say thank you to Toni!” you say.
“Thank you, Toni!” they both shout as they’re walking away.
You roll your eyes, “Honestly, what am I going to do with you two.” You turn back to Toni and grin, “Thanks, Toni. Have a good night.”
“You too, chica. See you later!”
He shuts the door and you follow the boys next door.
After a little while, when their bags are getting quite full, you say, “Okay, I think you’ve got enough now. Let’s go home.”
“Nooo!” Alfred wails, but you take his hand.
“Yes! You’ve been good until now, Alfie. Don’t ruin it.”
Matthew walks next to you, yawning widely, holding Kumajiro in one hand and his candy bag in the other. “Can we eat some candy?” He asks.
“One piece tonight,” you tell them, walking up to your house. You let them in just as some kids are coming to get candy, so you deal with them and then let the boys into the lounge. Arthur smiles as you come in.
“Hi. Did you get lots of sweets?” he asks.
“I got two pieces from everyone!” Alfred announces. You roll your eyes.
“Yeah, no matter how hard I tried to stop him from asking, he went ahead and did it anyway,” you tell him, sitting next to him on the couch as the boys race to the floor to see what candy they got. Matthew was given two pieces each time, too, so it was fair. They swap some pieces and you watch, Arthur still answering the door when people appear.
The boys eventually get tired, but both of them have one piece of candy and then brush their teeth, ready for bed. You’re sure Alfred sneaked more than one piece, but you’ve had enough of that for one night. At least you can keep their candy somewhere so they can’t steal it now. Once they’re in bed, you come downstairs and sit back with Arthur. He puts his arm around you and says, “Another year done with.”
“Yeah. They’re really cute together, though. You should have seen Alfie making sure Matt got as much candy as him and… well, y’know, being a good brother. You can take them next year.”
“Speaking of which, look what I found earlier,” Arthur says, leaning forward to grab some paper from the table to pass it to you. It’s definitely a drawing by Matthew, you can tell easily between his and Alfred’s. The picture is of the two of them in their costumes, but Alfred is in the middle, much bigger than Matt. The title at the top reads ‘My brother the hero’.
“That is just too adorable,” you say, smiling.
Arthur nods, “They might be really hyper, but I think they enjoy just doing these things together.” You nod, too, putting the picture back on the table. That is the best part about these events and holidays, just seeing the boys together.
“He thinks so much of Alfie. It’s so sweet. …Speaking of sweet.” You reach forward and pick up a fun-size chocolate bar from the remaining candy you were handing out and bite it in half, Arthur taking the other half when you offer it to him.
“Thanks, love. Sweet like you.”
“That was very cheesy, but very cute.”
Arthur stands up and says, “I’m going to get changed. …Happy Halloween.” He swishes his cloak around him and grins, baring his vampire teeth with a wink, making you giggle.
“Happy Halloween, sweetie,” you reply.

“________, why is there a clove of garlic on my pillow?!”
Woohoo it's a crappy Halloween story!! I'm not sure I like this too much, but I thought it was quite cute so I put it up anyway and, well, you tell me if it's any good or not XD
Oh, Alfie, you little weirdo...

Pic not mine, found on google. Any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)
I own nothing but the story~ ;)
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