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June 16, 2013
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You wander around the kitchen, frying up bacon and eggs per your young sons’ request, as they watch you do so. They had barely given you time to put on your dressing gown when they got you out of bed, careful not to wake their father, before they pulled you down to the kitchen, excitedly. Today is Father’s Day and they wanted to prepare breakfast for their Dad just like they had done for you on Mother’s Day. You smile at their cuteness, listening to Matthew ask Alfred if he thinks their daddy would like maple syrup on his breakfast.
“Tea is yucky,” Alfred says, staring at the cup that you had just finished making.
“Tea’s lovely,” you tell him, having been used to drinking it so often since you started dating Arthur.
“It’s too hot,” Matthew mumbles, watching it, warily. Since he got burnt by some hot water straight from the kettle, he’s decided never to go near a kettle again, preferring cold things much more.
You smile and ruffle Mattie’s hair gently, saying, “I suppose I’d better carry the breakfast up then, huh?”
“Yeah, because then we can get his cards and stuff,” Alfred tells you, dancing around impatiently as he watches you put the food on a plate and then place it and the cup of tea on a tray. He hops from one foot to the other, whereas his much quieter brother stands still and waits patiently, hugging Kumajiro, his plush polar bear, to his chest.
“Mama,” Matthew says, quietly, “Will he like his presents?”
“I’m sure he’ll love them. Even yours, Alfie,” you reply, managing to stop yourself from giggling. Alfred wanted to get Arthur a ‘Cooking Basics for Dummies’ book, and you’re not sure whether he’ll be insulted or not. When he gave it to you in the bookstore, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Alfred has, on too many occasions to count, joked about his father’s cooking. Matthew tries to eat it, even though you can tell he is definitely not enjoying it, but Alfred simply refuses, convinced it’s going to kill him – especially if the word ‘burger’ isn’t in the title of the dish prepared, which is most of the time.
Matthew has decided to get Arthur a personalised china tea cup and saucer. The side reads ‘Arthur - The Best Daddy Ever’. You had been happy to buy this, knowing he’ll love it. You don’t need to tell Matthew to be careful when holding the box as he carries it in both hands, very carefully, even though it’s in Styrofoam.
The boys hold the doors open for you as you carry the tray and then run off to fetch his gifts, happily. You wait for them to return, Alfred coming back first. When you realise what is taking Matthew so long, you see him in his bedroom, looking torn between holding Kumajiro and holding the present. You sigh and approach him, skilfully balancing the tray with one hand as you pick up Kumajiro in the other and tuck him under your arm so you can carry the tray safely again. Matthew is happy with this, so he goes to join his brother and they both open the door at the same time, cards on top of their presents.
“Mornin’, Dad!” Alfred says, loudly, when he notices Arthur sat up in bed, flicking through today’s paper that you managed to put beside him whilst the kettle was boiling. “Happy Father’s Day!”
Arthur chuckles and folds up the paper, putting it down, “Thank you, Alfred.”
“Happy Father’s Day,” Matthew repeats.
“And thank you, Matthew,” he replies. The two of them put their presents on the ground so they can climb onto the bed and jump onto their Father’s lap for a hug. You grin and lean against the doorframe for a moment, watching the three of them, lovingly.
When Arthur looks up at you with a smile, you grin in return and approach the bed, offering him the tray, “Good morning, sweetie. Happy Father’s Day.”
He smiles again as you kiss him gently, “Thanks, love. You’ve been busy.”
You had told him last night to stay in bed when he woke up as you had expected your sons to want to do something like this for him, too.
“Ah, it was nothing,” you say with a shrug as you put the tray down on the bedside table so you can sit on your side of the bed, cross-legged, to watch him open the presents.
Arthur takes a bite of egg and bacon and nods in approval, “It’s lovely. Thank you very much.”
“We helped make that!” Alfred announces. You ruffle his hair, knowing that all they did was hand you the food out of the fridge, but you let it go, happy to let them think it helped, which, you suppose, it did, a little.
“We’ve got presents,” Matthew tells him, trying to reach his box and card without having to get off of the bed, so you help him out and pass the gifts to them so they can present them to him in turn. Matthew goes first, happy to finally be reunited with Kumajiro as he watches Arthur open the card, first.
Matthew has drawn Arthur, big eyebrows and all, on the front of his card. You had taught him to fill in all of the background with blue instead of doing just a strip of blue at the top as well as a strip of green at the bottom for grass.
Inside, Mattie has written ‘Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you. Love from Mattie xxx’
You watch Arthur smile and stand the card up next to the lamp, thanking Matthew. Alfred’s card slides its way onto Arthur’s lap next, so he opens that up.
Alfred has drawn Arthur, smiling happily at something, but next to a… rain cloud? It looks like a storm and it’s coming from a white box with a smaller black box in the middle of it. You’re not entirely sure what that is, to be honest.
“I’m going to regret asking, but, what’s that, Alfie?” you ask, pointing to the cloud.
“It’s what happens when Daddy cooks,” he says. You can’t help but snort with laugher as Arthur rolls his eyes, realising that he has drawn smoke billowing out of the oven. Arthur thanks him, anyway, after reading the sweet message inside, ‘To Daddy, I love you! Have a good day! Love Alfred xxx’.
After you’ve composed yourself, you watch Arthur open Matthew’s present first. Oh, good. We’re saving the best until last again.
Arthur’s face lights up at the lovely teacup, smiling as he reads the personalised writing on the side.
“It’s lovely, Matthew,” Arthur tells him with a big hug, “Thank you very much. It’s the best teacup I’ve ever gotten.”
“I told them to write that part on the side,” he tells him, running a finger across the golden words.
“I really like it,” Arthur gives him another hug and then sighs, ever so quietly, as Alfred practically chucks the book onto his lap, nearly knocking Matthew off in the process. You save your quieter son from any further danger of flying books by pulling him onto your lap and running your fingers through his soft hair.
Arthur takes the paper off of the book and chuckles as he reads the title, shaking his head. Alfred waits, patiently, to see if he likes it.
“It’s so you don’t do that anymore,” Alfred says, pointing to the smoking oven.
Arthur laughs properly and takes Alfred up in a hug, saying, “Cheeky little chap, aren’t you?”
Alfred grins, knowing exactly what he means, but his grin grows when Arthur thanks him, happily, “Thank you very much, Alfred. I’ll try and get some use out of it tomorrow, how does that sound?”
“Good! …Don’t burn it…”
The three of you laugh at his comment and then he joins in, his laughter loudest of all, and you press a kiss on your husband’s cheek, whispering into his ear through your giggles, “Happy Father’s Day.”
After my Mother's Day story (( [link] )), I decided to do one for Father's Day, too, with the same family <3 I love writing about this family ^_^ so cute <3

Anyways, I hope you like it :D

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :D

I own nothing but the story ;)
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