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February 26, 2013
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You were late. Very late, and you knew that the teacher would not be impressed. Your bag smacked against you with every step as you ran down the road, (h/l)(h/c) hair falling in your face. You had to pass by the library to get to your school, usually stopping in if you had the time. Unfortunately, this morning that was not an option. As you passed, however, you suddenly bumped into someone, your hair blocking your view. You accidentally dropped your bag and then realise that the person, whoever was coming out of the library, had dropped their books.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” you said, crouching to gather the books for them. You smiled at the cover of each, recognising the characters from some of your favourite manga books, ones you owned at home.
You stood and turned to look at the person. A Japanese teen, looking about your age, was bright red in the face with embarrassment. His black hair was a little messy, but had an eye-catching shine to it, much like his beautiful brown eyes did. You seemed to get lost in them for a moment. He had picked up your bag for you, currently sliding your books back in it, and then held it out for you to take. Smiling, you exchanged the books for the bag.
“Thanks. And I’m really sorry about that. So much for making a good first impression. I couldn’t see a thing,” you said, pushing your hair out of your face once more.
“No, no, it was my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going…” he said, making sure none of the books were damaged.
“I didn’t rip anything, did I?” you ask, peering at them with him.
“No, everything’s fine. Sorry for bumping into you,” he said, a hint of a smile seeming to appear on his lips.
“Yeah, me too,” you nodded. Smiling, you then said, “You’ve got some great manga, there. I’ve got those ones at home.”
“These are my favourites. I’ve read them a few times already…” he mumbles.
“I’ve read them way too many times, myself,” you replied with a giggle. There was a moments silence as you both considered what to say, but then, you suddenly remembered why you were running in the first place, “Ah! Sorry, I’m late. Sorry about that… again!” And with that you sped off towards school, running like a maniac once again.
The Japanese teen stared after you for a few moments, thinking over what just happened. A smile, much bigger this time, appeared on his face. “________ ________...” he mumbled, having read your name on your books. He looked down at the manga books in his hand, but catching sight of his watch, his eyes widened, “Ah! I’m going to be late!”

~*~Flash Forward a few years~*~

You sit in the coffee shop, sipping your (favourite hot drink), as you flick through the pages of an old manga book. Your mother had just given you a box of your things that you hadn’t taken with you when you moved – by accident, not on purpose. Inside was all of your manga and anime stuff that you had collected from when you were about thirteen. Each of the characters have so much life in them and keep you so engrossed in the story that you often found yourself oblivious to everything around you. It hadn’t been long since you last read them, of course. You had moved to an apartment only a few weeks ago and books from your collection were the things you often read.
“________!” you hear from the other side of the coffee shop. The place is quite quiet, so having one of your best friends calling you from the door is an easy distraction. You shut the book and look up. Feliciano is smiling at you. He walks up to the counter, orders his drink and then comes to join you by the window.
“I just saw you in the window and had to come and say hi,” he announces, smiling.
“Glad you did. How are you?” you ask.
“Great! And how are you, bella?”
“Good. Uhm, shouldn’t you be out training or something. I could have sworn you said that’s what you’re doing today,” you say, trying to recall exactly what he had said on the phone a few nights ago. All you can remember is that he was talking about pasta, as usual, and- yeah, he definitely said he was training with his friends, Ludwig and… Kiku? You’d never met them, so whenever he says a name it often slips your mind.
A guy brings Feli’s drink over. Feli smiles, “Grazie. Si, ________, I’m on my way there now. What about you? What are you doing here all alone?”
“Oh, y’know, just a relaxing Saturday. I also need a new lamp. The one I brought with me to my place isn’t working too well anymore,” you explain.
Feli nods, but then his phone rings. He doesn’t realise that it’s his phone until you tell him, “Uh, Feli, your phone’s ringing.”
“Ah! Grazie,” he says, fumbling in his pocket. You smile and shake your head, returning to your book whilst he speaks.
“Ciao? Ah, si, Ludwig, I’m on my way now! …well, no, but- I’m just with ________. …________! I told you about her! Si, that ________. …Well, I’m only in (fave coffee shop). Ludwig, I’m just having a drink. Si, come and meet her! Alright, ciao.”
He shoves his phone back into his pocket as you close your book once more and smiles at you, “My friends are coming here to meet you!”
“Well, they’re coming to get me, but they can meet you at the same time.”
“Cool. It’s Ludwig and Kiku, right?” you ask, just so that you don’t embarrass yourself by calling them the wrong names.
“Si. They’re coming now,” he says.
“Great. I’m gonna get another drink. How are you doing with yours?”
He looks down at his full mug, drink untouched.
“Looks like you’re fine with that one,” you giggle, walking up to the counter. “I’ll take a (favourite hot drink) please.” you say, putting your previous cup on the counter.
“Sure. It’ll be a moment. I can bring it over to you,” the guy says as you hand over your money.
“Thank you,” you say. You return to join Feli and your drink is brought to you after a few moments. Taking a sip, you grimace as the drink turns out to be wrong, instead you got (least favourite hot drink).
“Ew. This is wrong. Sorry, Feli, I’ll be right back,” you say. As you go to walk to the counter, however, you suddenly bump into someone, spilling the drink all down him. It wasn’t scalding hot, luckily, but you gasped anyway, putting the cup down on the counter.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” you say, cupping your hands over your mouth in shock as your face goes bright red.
“No, no, it was my fault. I wasn’t watching where I… was… going…” his voice seems to trail off. You look at his (drink) stained clothes and groan.
You glance at the guy behind the counter and say, “Have you got a towel or something?” You get passed a dishcloth and start wiping at his shirt.
“I really am sorry. I hope it comes… out…” your voice also trails off as you look up at him. He seems really familiar. His brown eyes are staring into yours, as if he’s having the same thoughts.
“Kiku, what happened here?” a blonde man asks, looking at his wet front. His blue eyes gaze at you, making you feel a little uneasy.
“…Kiku? Oh, no, are you Feliciano’s friend?!” you ask.
“H-hai,” Kiku nods.
“So much for making a good first impression. Feli!” You call your Italian friend over. He looks up and smiles when he sees who you’re with, but his smile drops when he also sees Kiku’s clothes.
“What happened?” he asks, joining you.
“I just spilled that stupid drink all over him. Look, I don’t live that far. Please, come with me so I can at least try and get it out. It’s the least I can do. If not, I’ll buy you a new shirt, is that alright?” you say, wiping at him again.
“I-I… uh, a-arigato, but-”
“Great, you’ll come back to my place,” you smile. He seems stunned, watching you pick up your bag and book. When he notices your book, his eyes widen just a little.
“Wow, you’re reading one of my favourites,” he says.
“One of mine, too. I’ve loved manga for ages… Ah! Sorry, let’s get you back to my place. C’mon.” You take his hand and pull him out of the coffee shop, leaving Feli and Ludwig standing there.
“That was so strange. It’s like they…” Feli’s voice trails off as he tries to find the right words.
“Knew each other,” Ludwig finishes.
“Si! …weird…”

~*~Time Skip~*~

“Come in. Let me take your shirt. Unless you want one of mine, I don’t have any guy’s shirts, so…”
“H-hai. Uh, may I have a towel or something? I don’t feel comfortable-” he paused, but you instantly caught on to where he was going with that sentence.
“Sure! Uhh…” you run over to the closet and pull one out, large, white and fluffy. Once you hand it to him, you leave him to change, going in to prepare your washing machine. When you return to him, he hands you his shirt, “Arigato.”
“You’re welcome. So, have you been friends with Feli for long?” you ask, putting his shirt in the machine. He follows you, the big towel wrapped around his shoulders like a cape.
“A few years, now. Ludwig introduced me,” he says, watching your actions.
“Ah, right. Awesome. Come sit down,” you say, taking his hand and leading him to the couch. The box your mother gave you back is still sat on the coffee table. Kiku looks into it, interested.
“You can look through it if you like. I’ve collected that stuff since I was, like, thirteen,” you say, pushing the box towards him.
“Arigato. Wow, you have quite the collection.”
“That’s only half of it. There’s another box in my room with more books in it. Hang on,” you say, standing and going to get it. When you come back, you see that he’s taken a book out and is looking through it, smiling gently. Placing the box in front of him, he puts the book on the table and looks inside.
“Ah, you’ve got all of my favourites!” he exclaims, but then his cheeks tint a shade of red.
“Yeah? Oh, this one is my absolute favourite,” you say, taking the top book out.
“Mine too,” he says. He then takes something else from the box.
“________ ________,” he reads, looking up at you. It’s a book that you used to doodle manga characters in, even inventing some of your own. You had written your name on the front.
“That’s me,” you say, smiling. You laugh, “Nice to meet you, I guess!”
He smiles properly, re-reading your name, “Did… ________-san, did you ever…”
“…oh, I just… I thought…” he mumbles, not finishing, putting the book down. You frown as you watch him take another book from the box.
Then, it hits you. You know why he seems familiar. When you were younger, you bumped into some random guy as you were running, knocking his manga books from his hand. For weeks, months, possibly even a few years after that, you remembered him every time you read your copies of the books he was holding, remembering how clumsy you were. He had shiny black hair with the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen.
“I thought you seemed familiar,” you say with a smile. He looks up at you, seeming to have a sparkle in his eyes as he realises that he was right, and you remember him as he remembers you. You continue with a giggle, “My first impressions haven’t been the best, have they?”
“Well, they’ve certainly been memorable. I couldn’t get you out of my head for weeks,” he confesses.
“Yeah, I was exactly the same.”
“________-san, I have to admit, I thought you were very beautiful and hoped we’d meet again.”
“I thought you were really cute and, well, I hung around the library nearly every morning for as long as I could, hoping I’d see you again,” you say.
Suddenly, you feel a tickle against your cheek. When you turn back to Kiku, you realise he’s just kissed you. His face has found its bright red shade again.
“Gomen’nasai,” he says.
“I’m not,” you reply, leaning forward and kissing him properly, wrapping your arms around his neck.
You pull away and say, “Was that first impression better?”
He laughs, nodding, “Hai.”
Hi ^_^

I wrote this at college during my breaks and thought I'd type it up :3 I hope you like it :)

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :D

I don't own anything :)
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