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Link to other parts in description :D


“Feliciano! Zhat pace isn’t going to cut it!”
You groan as you stretch and rub your eyes. You open them slowly and glance at the clock. …Who is yelling that loudly at seven thirty in the morning?! Confused, you sit up in bed, stretching again, and look out of the window. Outside, you see Feliciano chasing after a taller blonde man who is being followed closely by a shorter, dark haired man. Compared to these two, Feli is practically dragging himself after them, clearly tired from whatever exercise the blonde has had him doing.
You smile to yourself and change out of your PJs and into something more comfortable after showering. A day of unpacking everything lies ahead of you, so comfy jeans and a simple t-shirt will do.
“Okay, so I’ll just work room by room,” you tell yourself. But first, some breakfast. Hmm… maybe a trip to the store to get some food in would be good, first.
You tug a brush through your damp hair, put some shoes on and find your purse and keys before leaving the house.
“Buongiorno, ragazza,” you hear from next door. Looking over, you see Lovino sat on the steps by his front door, sipping coffee from a mug adorned with the Italian flag.
“Ah, hey, Lovino,” you reply with a big smile, closing your door and walking over to stand next to him, “What are you doing out here so early?”
“I’m just-a keeping an eye on that-a moron over there,” he nods his head in the direction of the three men, who are jogging back towards the house, now.
“Aww, don’t call Feli a moron,” you say with a little giggle.
“What? No, no, not him! …Well, he is a moron, but I mean the other moron at-a the front. Stupid potato bastard,” he mumbles the last words into his mug, scowling at the blonde.
“…The blonde guy? What’s wrong with him?”
He doesn’t get a chance to answer you, as Feliciano suddenly yells at you and starts to run extremely fast, overtaking the dumbfounded blonde man.
“________!” Feli says, happily, as he sprints up to you and wraps his arms around you tightly, “Buongiorno!”
You burst out laughing and return his hug, “Good morning to you, too, Feli!”
The other two men join up with you, the dark-haired man, who you now see to be Japanese, panting a little.
“I vish zhat you vould run like zhat all zhe time,” the blonde says, putting a hand on Feli’s shoulder, only to receive another filthy look from Lovino. His accent tell you that’s he’s German.
“Oh, Ludwig, this is ________! She moved in next door yesterday! ________, this is Ludwig and Kiku,” Feliciano introduces, pointing to both men in turn.
“Nice to meet you, ________-san,” Kiku says, bowing.
“Ja, nice to meet you,” Ludwig repeats.
“You too!” you say, smiling. Glancing at both Italians, you say, “So, I’m just heading to the store, do you guys need anything?”
“I don’t-a think so… I can drive you, if you’d-a like!” Feliciano offers.
“Oh, it’s okay. I’m actually going to walk, it’s only down the street, but I have my car anyway,” you say, shaking your head.
Ludwig snorts, “You made the right choice zhere. Feliciano’s driving is… different.”
This definitely makes you wonder what his driving is like, but from the tone of voice Ludwig used, it’s clearly a case of wondering how he managed to pass his driving test in the first place.
“Well, I’m good, but thank you, Feli. I’ll catch you guys later, okay?” you say, before turning to Ludwig and Kiku, “Nice to meet you both.” You wave as you head off down the street, leaving the four of them.
“She’s so nice!” Feli says, beaming in the direction you went.
“Si, she is…” Lovino agrees, standing up, ready to go back inside.
“Come on, Feliciano, we need to finish today’s training,” Ludwig tells him, pulling the younger Italian away from his house.
“But Ludwig, I’m tiiired!”
Lovino rolls his eyes as he opens the front door, making his way through to the kitchen so he can get some breakfast.
“Buongiorno, Lovi,” he hears from behind him.
“Buongiorno, Nonno. Sleep well?” he asks as his grandpa comes into the kitchen.
“Si, grazie. Is Feliciano outside?”
“Of course. Where else would he be? That stupid potato bastard never lets up, always making him work work work…” The elder brother huffs as he puts his mug by the sink and looks in the fridge. The two of them prepare some breakfast and leave some for Feliciano, ready for when he finishes up outside.
“Nonno, can I… can I ask-a you a question?” Lovino asks as they’re sat there, quietly eating.
“You just did,” Grandpa Rome jokes, winking at him, causing Lovi to roll his eyes, before Rome nods, “Si, of course. What’s on your mind?”
“Girls… what do they like?”
Rome laughs, loudly, before asking, “What do you mean? They like a lot of things, so be specific.”
Lovino shrugs, pushing his food around his plate, “If I was going to try and get a girl to like me, what would I give her? Flowers?”
After he’s given this question a quick thought, the elder Italian nods, “Si, some ladies like flowers. …Why? Are you trying to impress a girl?!” The simple thought of his grandson trying to impress someone brings a huge grin to his face as he waits for the answer.
Lovino’s face decides to flush a bright red from Rome’s question, so he shakes his head and then shrugs quickly, “M-maybe! I didn’t say it was a definite thing! …Stop looking at me like that!”
Still grinning weirdly at him, Rome says, “Ahh, my little Lovino is in love-a with someone!”
“Stop it! When did I mention love?! No one mentioned love before you did, so stop!”
Rome laughs again, “Oh, Lovi, you need-a to calm down. No lady is going to love you if you’re grumpy all the time.”
“I-I’m not--”
“It’s ________, isn’t it?”
Somehow, Lovino’s face takes on a whole new, brighter shade of red as he tries to say, “I-I didn’t say it was--”
Lovino is interrupted by the front door opening and closing, alerting them both that Feliciano is finished for the morning. Feliciano greets his grandpa before sitting down to breakfast with them both, saying, “So, what-a were you talking about?”
Lovino is still bright red from the previous conversation at this point, so he instantly stands up and says, “I’ll be in my room.”
Feliciano watches his brother go before starting to eat, appreciating the food after his training. He decides to tell his grandpa about the horrors of the morning run, making him chuckle at the drama that Feli puts into his story.
“But then ________ came outside, and she saved-a me for a few minutes…” he explains, happily. He pauses for a moment, thinking over his words, before saying, “Nonno, if I wanted to get someone to like-a me, how would I do it? Would I get her pasta?”
Grandpa Rome goes to tell him that pasta might not be the best thing, but then it instantly occurs to him why Feliciano is asking – especially after mentioning a certain name. He glances towards the doorway, considering his other grandson who had just spoken to him about the same subject – about the same girl – only moments ago, so surely it would be fair to tell Feliciano about his brother’s plans to get flowers for the girl he was thinking of, right?
Of course, that would be the better thing to do. However, Grandpa Rome is not your regular grandpa, and the smile that spreads across his face is not a regular smile.
“I’m sure ________ loved the pasta last night, Feli, but how about-a giving her something else?” he replies, a cunning smile on his face.
“H-how did you know I was talking about ________?” Feliciano asks, wide-eyed.
Rome laughs, “I just know these things! Besides, I can read-a you like a book!” He puts an arm around his grandson and smiles, “My little Feli, in love with our neighbour.”
“I don’t know about love, Nonno… We only met yesterday!”
Rome shrugs, “It doesn’t take long to fall in love, Feli. But, if you want to impress her, try something else. Probably not with more pasta.”
“…Shall I cook her something else? Or buy her something?” he asks, pushing his empty plate away. Rome picks both his plate up and Feli’s before taking them to the sink to clean.
“You could try cooking. …I’d avoid buying flowers, though…”

~*~Time Skip~*~

“…Okay, that’s the bedroom and the bathroom unpacked. Now to do the lounge…” you mutter to yourself as you look around your now unpacked bedroom with a smile, having finished both rooms after getting home from the trip to the store to get the essentials and food for today and tomorrow. The cardboard boxes have been left in the hallway, ready to take downstairs to recycle. It hasn’t taken you ages to do the two rooms, but your bedroom surprisingly took long enough. The wallpaper and carpet are perfectly fine, so you decide to leave them for now. This British guy who was in here before you had nice taste with those, but maybe you might decorate after you get completely settled in.
Dragging some boxes behind you, you leave them by the front door as you go into the lounge and glance around, deciding on where to start first. A couple of hooks have been left in the wall for any painting or pictures you have that you could hang up. There’s space for something larger – perhaps a painting? – above the beautiful fireplace, so you might have to buy something special to go there. Of course, there is always the talented younger Italian brother next door who might be willing to do something for you, which you’d pay him for.
As your taking out the decorations to go on the fireplace’s mantelpiece, the doorbell rings. You put down the lucky waving cat you’re holding – a present from your friend, Yao – and go to see who it is.
Opening the door, you find Lovino stood there, one hand behind his back as he waited for you to answer.
“Hey, Lovino. You okay?” you ask, smiling.
“Si, I’m-a fine… I-I just wanted to…” he starts to mumble the rest of the sentence, and you manage to hear him say something along the lines of ‘brightening up your house’ and ‘something pretty’. He then produces a bunch of pink lilies and roses from behind his back, blushing like crazy.
“…Oh, wow, they’re beautiful!” you say, taking them from him with a light blush dusting your cheeks.
“You like them? Oh, good, I hoped they’d be alright. I didn’t know what-a colour you’d like, so I got pink,” he says, a little louder now that you’ve told him you like them.
“They really are lov--”
Turns out that you were interrupted by Feliciano yelling your name again. He starts to wave as he exits his house and comes up to your door, giving Lovino a confused look.
“Fratello, what are you doing here?” he asks, holding a plate in his hand full of, what look like, rectangular cookies.
“I… I just bought ________...” Lovino looks at the flowers, and then at the plate of cookies, “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, well, I thought ________ would like some homemade-a biscotti!” he announces, offering the plate to you, “Grandpa told me not to give-a you more pasta…”
“Wow, how great! You baked them yourself?” you ask, the scent of the biscotti finally getting to you and making you hungry as they smell delightful.
“Si! I baked them for you because…” he pauses, but then seems to change the direction of that sentence, “…because I wanted to give you a housewarming present?” He glances at the flowers, then at his brother, and as they catch each other’s eyes, their mouths open and eyes widen slightly in realisation, not that you notice this.
“They look amazing, Feli! Thank you!” you put the plate and the flowers on the windowsill by the door so you can hug him, and then hug Lovino, “And thank you for the flowers, Lovi! You’re both too kind.”
“Y-you’re welcome, ragazza,” Lovino says, not taking his eyes off of his brother as an unimpressed frown takes over his face. Feliciano’s expression isn’t much different, but his frown isn’t as deep.
“I hope you enjoy the biscotti,” Feli tells you, suddenly realising he’s in your company and smiling at you, widely.
“Si, and the flowers,” his brother adds, quickly, before taking his brother by the sleeve of his dark shirt and saying, “We need to get home and-a help our grandpa… clean.”
“We do?” Feli asks, but after receiving a firm look from his brother, he nods, “Si, we do! See you later, ________!”
And with that, the two of them go back to their own house, Lovino practically dragging his brother by his sleeve. You laugh quietly to yourself, closing the door, a little confused, but you then take the flowers and biscotti through to the kitchen, appreciating the scent of both.


“You made her biscotti?!” Lovino asks after slamming the front door behind them.
“L-Lovino, you bought her flowers!” Feliciano replies, rubbing his arms as his brother accidentally grabbed more than just his sleeve a moment ago.
Lovino blushes, “S-si… Well, so what if I did! I just-a wanted to do something nice!”
“And so did I!”
“Hey, hey, what’s going on in here?” Rome asks, appearing in the hallway, arms crossed. Both brothers then proceed, at the same time, to explain what has just happened at your doorstep, what the other brother has done wrong and why this is appalling behaviour, as far as they’re concerned.
“Boys, I understand why you’re both upset, but surely you can come-a to some agreement? Why is this so important?”
“Because I like ________!” they both tell him before glaring at each other.
“I decided to get-a her flowers first!” Lovi argues.
“I decided to get her a present first!” Feli whines.
They both then start up another arguing match, neither of them giving the other a chance to speak as they both yell constantly at each other at the same time. Rome had never seen either of his grandsons act this way before, so he instantly assumes that they must find you very special.
“Alright, that’s enough, both of you,” Rome says, firmly, stopping them from yelling, “You both like her and neither of you can stop each other from liking her. You’re both-a going to have to deal with this calmly.”
Lovino and Feliciano both exchange another glance before Lovino growls, “Fine. We’ll just have to see who ________ likes more!”
“Fine,” Feliciano agrees before the two of them stomp upstairs to their bedrooms, the elder of the two cursing under his breath in Italian. Rome watches them go, and once they’re out of earshot, he rolls his eyes and chuckles. This might end up being good for them.
After all, where’s the harm in a little sibling rivalry?
Part 1 - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Part 2 - You're here! :D
Part 3 - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Part 4 - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…

I was in the mood to write the next chapter for this, so I'm pleased to bring you part 2! :D I hope you're enjoying it. I'm enjoying writing about it, and I think it's going to get interesting... XD

So, anyway, I hope you like it. I freakin love writing about Grandpa Rome XD

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)
I own nothing but the story~ ;)
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