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March 8, 2013
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((Small amount of swearing because Romano’s in it, but other than that, it’s all good :) Enjoy! :D))

“Feli, you home?” you call, ringing the doorbell with a sigh.
…Still not answering, huh? Well, you can’t leave him in there forever. Ludwig and Kiku both said they hadn’t heard anything from him for a week – which annoyed Ludwig because he was missing his training - and, as far as you knew, he hadn’t left his house, either - you had called Lovino to ask, but that went just as well as him spending time with Ludwig. He’s nearly always grumpy when he speaks to you. Sometimes with his personality you can hardly tell he’s Feliciano’s brother.
You ring the bell again and when there still isn’t an answer, you choose to let yourself in, deciding that you had given him enough of an opportunity to open the door. Your boyfriend had given you a spare key to his place, so getting in isn’t the hard part.
No answer? He has to be here somewhere.
Not in the lounge, not in the kitchen – but it looks like he has been feeding himself, even though it looks like he has survived off of pasta all week.
…A frozen pizza box? That’s new. He always makes his pizza from scratch. He refuses frozen pizza all the time!
“Feli, c’mon, you’re freaking me out!”
Ok, you definitely heard that. It was like a little wail, but definitely came from Feli somewhere. You frown, walk back through the lounge and up the stairs.
Then you nearly have a heart attack.
“Ciao, Ragazza.”
You spin around to see Lovino leaning against the wall, biting into a tomato casually.
“Holy sh- LOVINO! What the hell?!” you yell at him.
“Okay, first of all, why didn’t you let me inside when I was ringing the bell? Second, why didn’t you let me know you were here? Thir-”
“Because I didn’t really care. You’ve done something to my brother, so I’m not going to help you,” he says, taking another bite of tomato.
You frown, “Wh-what?”
“He’s been in there for days,” Lovino points to Feli’s room, “only coming out to use the bathroom and kitchen. Not that I’ve been here much. The tomato basta-”
You interrupt him, “Have you seen him, Lovi? What’s he doing?”
“Eating fucking shop bought pizzas, that’s what he’s doing. Whatever you’ve done to him, Ragazza-”
“Who said I did anything?! Lovi, don’t assume it’s my fault! It could have been you!” You know this is probably a lie. Lovi practically can’t do anything bad in Feli’s eyes, with the odd exception.
“I hope it was the potato bastard. Then maybe he’ll leave him the fuck alone,” Lovi finishes the tomato.
“You don’t need to keep insulting Ludwig, y’know. He’s a nice guy.”
“Si, si, whatever you say. I’m leaving. Don’t break him any more than you already have.”
As he passes by you, you stick your tongue out, “Bastard.”
Lovi goes down the stairs, his curl bouncing with every step, pulls the door open and is out before you can say another word.
You turn to Feli’s door and knock, “Feli?”
“_-________?” the reply comes quick, with a panicked tone to it.
“Yeah. Can I come in?”
The panicking remains in his voice, “Non venire qui! Non è pronto! Non riesco a farlo bene! Non si può vedere!
Assuming that was a no as you can’t speak Italian, you sigh, “Sweetie, nobody’s seen you for a week, you won’t pick up or return my calls. What’s going on?”
“…I’m not good enough…” you just about hear him say. He’s turned very quiet and the accent didn’t help, so it took all of your effort to hear what he said.
“Not good enough? Feli, what’s wrong? Can’t I come inside?”
“Bella, you can’t come in. Io sono una delusione.”
“Feli, I don’t know what-”
“I am a disappointment, ________! I’m not good enough for you!”
Those words nearly brought tears to your eyes. What could have happened to him to make him think that?!
You then sigh in irritation, “Feli, this is ridiculous. I’m coming in.”
“No, bella!”
But he was too late. You had let yourself in and your jaw dropped when you saw.
Feliciano is sat on a chair in front of an art easel, a canvas on it. On the floor by his feet are two smaller canvases, fully painted with some of the best paintings you have seen. All three of them, though, are of you and Feli together.
The smallest one is a copy of a familiar photo taken when you first started dating nearly three years ago. You have your arm around Feli’s neck and are kissing his cheek as he grins and takes the picture himself, holding the camera out in front of you both. It’s amazingly detailed and looks exactly like the photograph.
The one behind it is another one of the two of you, except it’s a full body painting. You remember Toni taking that picture. You were both in the park with Toni and Lovi and you had grabbed Feli just as Toni pulled the camera out, attempting a surprise picture. You were too fast, though, and it came out quite good.
The third painting, the largest canvas of the three, is by far the best. The head and shoulder portrait of the two of you was unbelievably amazing. You’re both smiling happily, Feli’s arm around your shoulder. You’re both wearing red and white clothing and the background is a light green, not too overpowering, fitting in well. You’re holding his free hand just in front of your shoulder. He had painted your hair with a gorgeous shine to it, doing the same with his hair.
It’s just amazing. You’re speechless as you stare at his work, oblivious to the fact Feli is hanging his head in shame.
“I’m sorry, bella,” he mutters. This brings you out of your trance, looking at him with utter confusion.
“I’m sorry,” he repeats, louder this time, “I was going to give it to you, but it’s not perfect. I just can’t capture how beautiful you are. Her eyes don’t have the shine yours do, your hair is so beautifully shiny, your skin is flawless, your lips are soft and have gorgeous colour and have perfect shape and she just… I can’t get it right…” his voice trails off as he looks at the painting version with despair and, frankly, he looked like he was full of regret. A smile grows on your face as you listen to him describing you, a blush appearing on your cheeks.
“…What on earth could you possibly be talking about? This is amazing,” you eventually say, having studied the painting for a little while longer. He looks up at you, tears gathered in his eyes, threatening to spill at any moment.
“Feli… This is just incredible. This is what you’ve been doing all week?” you ask, approaching him.
He nods, “Si. I wanted Tuesday to be perfetto. It’s our-”
“Three year anniversary, I know,” you finish.
“Si. I was going to give it to you, but I just couldn’t while it was still like this,” he gestures towards the painting.
You sigh and kneel next to him, taking his hands in yours, “Feliciano, this painting is absolutely incredible. Anyone would think it’s a photo, it’s that amazing. This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me and I just don’t know what to say. It’s perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, I’d say you’ve painted me just a little too pretty,” you look back at the painting. Although it is so scarily accurate to the picture that has been clipped to the top of the easel, it seems that he has improved your features.
“I just see so many flaws-”
“Feli, there aren’t any flaws. Look at it compared to that photo! It’s identical! Stop beating yourself up. I can’t believe how amazing your artwork is!”
“Th-thank you, bella…”
“You are the most amazing boyfriend I could ever have. I really don’t believe I’m dating you sometimes.”
You lean forward and press your lips against his, closing your eyes and wrapping your arms around his neck. When you pull away, you smile and say, “I love you, Feli. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, bella. …Tuesday’s only two days from now, so maybe you could have it today,” he says with a grin. Your smile grows, both out of happiness and relief, when you realise he’s back to his usual self. The mood he was in a few moments ago just scared you. You hope you never have to see that Feliciano again.
“Well, how about we have two anniversaries? One today and one Tuesday?”
“That sounds fun!” he laughs.
“I can’t believe you put so much work into this,” you both look back to the painting as you wind your arms back around him.
“I had plans for it. I was going to give it to you and-” he pauses, debating on continuing his sentence.
“…and I was going to ask if I could paint an engagement ring on it.”
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little red box. He opens it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring, sparkling in the gentle morning light coming in through the window.
“Oh my god…” you whisper, tears forming in your eyes.
“What do you say, bella? Will you marry me?”
You giggle as the tears spill, nodding your head vigorously, “Yes! Of course I will, Feli!”
He takes your hand and slides the ring onto your finger, then wipes away your tears with his thumb. You then pounce on him, nearly knocking him down, and hug him tightly.
“I love you so much,” you tell him, kissing him again.
“Ti amo, bella.”
You let him go, admiring the ring on your finger, and then say, “You are just so amazing, you know that?”
He laughs, “I wouldn’t say that. You’re too kind. Just so perfect and so, so beautiful…”
He gazes into your eyes, smiling gently, before pressing his lips against yours once more.
You grin, “I’d better go and get your anniversary present from my place, then, if we’re celebrating today.”
“You got me a present?!” he asks.
“Of course! Then, how does anniversary pasta sound?”
I thought this was kinda cute :3 Hope you like it ^_^ Sorry for Lovi's swearing XD
Apologies if the translation is wrong. I only speak English so Google Translate is my translator :lmao:


Non venire qui! Non è pronto! Non riesco a farlo bene! Non si può vedere! - Don't come in here! It's not ready! I can't get it right! You can't see!
Io sono una delusione - I am a disappointment

Pic not mine, found on Google. Any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated.

I don't own anything ;)

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