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January 18, 2013
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“It’s quite cold out there, ________. Are you sure you want to-”
You cut him off, “Yes, Arthur! C’mon, it’ll be fun.”
You had put your gloves on but Arthur insisted you wore a scarf as he wrapped it around your neck, and a hat too, pulling it onto your head.
You had been snowed in at Arthur’s house, the snow being way too thick to drive in and he refused to let you walk home, so therefore the only choice was to stay here with the man you have a huge crush on. Maybe even… love.
“If you get cold, please tell me,” he says, pulling his coat on. You take hold of his scarf and wind it around his neck like he did to you, grinning.
“Ok, I promise. Now, come on.”
He opens the door and the two of you step outside and into the deep snow in his back garden. It swirls through the air and starts to land on you. You turn to look at Arthur and giggle when you saw the amount of snow his hair has already collected.
“I think you’ll turn into a snowman first before we can build one,” you tell him, brushing it off of his shoulders.
He smiles at you, “I don’t know, ________, you seem to be collecting it much faster than I am.”
You reach up and feel the snow collecting on your hat with a laugh.
“We’d better start, then,” he says, crouching down and gathering a pile of snow together. You help him out, starting to make a round ball for the head.
As you work, you think about what you could use for its face. You’re not sure what Arthur might have in his house to use. He has an open fire, right? You’ve got coal, at least.
“Is this tall enough?” Arthur asks after you had both finished building the body. It was as tall as he was up to his shoulders.
You nod, “Great. Help me lift up his head.”
You both take hold of the huge snowball, which actually was more head-shaped now, and lift it onto the body. It now matches Arthur in full height.
“Here we are, love,” Arthur says, walking over to the house. He reaches just inside the door and pulls out a little bag, “I know you like building snowmen so I prepared.”
He grins as he hands you the bag. Inside is some coal. You grin, “Oh, perfect! You’re so thoughtful, Arthur! Here, give him some buttons for a coat.”
He does that as you put two small pieces of coal for eyes. You had already sculpted a nose, so with the smallest pieces of coal in the bag you give him a smile.
“It looks good,” Arthur says, standing up and taking a step back. You join him, taking his gloved hand in yours.
“…it’s missing something…” you say, frowning. There’s a silence as you try to work out what else it needs. It had all the features of a snowman, but…
“Aha, I know,” Arthur says. He walks forward and reaches under his scarf. He then removes his tie, winding it around the snowman’s neck. “How’s that, ________?”
“Better,” you say, nodding at the gentleman-like snowman in front of you.
“It’s not perfect, though, is it?” he asks. You wanted to say yes, but he suddenly disappeared back inside the house before you could respond. Walking up to the snowman, you decide to add your hat to it, deciding to ignore whatever Arthur might say about you getting too cold. It looked even better now, but…
“I know,” you mumble to yourself with a smirk. You pick two large leaves off of the tree and push them into the snow above his eyes to give him eyebrows. “Arthur Snowman,” you whisper with another laugh.
“Here. I’m not using the good china, but it’s good enough,” Arthur says, reappearing. You watch as he wedges a saucer into the snowman’s sculpted round hand. He then balances a teacup on it, biting his lip. Nodding triumphantly, the Englishman steps back again, putting his arm around you, “What do you think now?”
You are grinning from ear to ear as you look back and forth from the real Arthur to the snow Arthur. He raises one eyebrow as you start laughing.
You say, “It’s the perfect snowman. A true gentleman.”
He frowns as he looks at the new eyebrows, “Is… ________, is it just me or does it look like-”
“Really perfect,” you interrupt, “Oh, Arthur, the teacup is so cute. You’re so funny, I love you-”
Your eyes widen when you realise what you just said. Arthur’s grip around your shoulders tightens slightly as soon as you said the word ‘love’.
It’s quiet for a moment, but then he turns to face you properly, “You know, ________, I love you too… Have done for a while, now, actually.”
“I have. Do you feel… I mean, do you want to go out with… I mean, do you-”
“Yeah,” you say, smiling, “I’d love to.”
“…great,” he says, nodding awkwardly. He leans down to kiss your cheek but you turn and you end up kissing properly. Your cheeks go so red and warm that you feel you could melt your snowman in a single touch.
You turn back to it and Arthur wraps his arms around you.
“So, are you cold or do you want to give the snow-me a snow-girlfriend? I’d rather not use coal for your eyes, though, as yours are much more beautiful.”
“Hey, guys, look what I’ve got!” an American voice yelled. Alfred’s face appeared over the fence, grinning. He suddenly launched a snowball, whacking Arthur square in the face. Alfred’s laughter was joined by a familiar laugh.
“Onhonhonhonhon! Zat is how it’s done! ‘ere, we can’t leave ________ out now, can we?” Francis said. A second snowball flew over the fence, smacking into your shoulder.
The Englishman gritted his teeth and gathered up some snow, “I’ll show them how the English do it. The right way. Come here, you gits!”
You stand there laughing as you watch Arthur run up to the gate, pull it open and launch the snowball straight ahead.
“Ah! Zat was in my hair!” Francis yells.
“Retreat! Retreat!” Alfred’s roars.
You gather up some snow and follow your boyfriend, chasing after the enemies.
It's snowing. A lot. I was inspired.

Any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :meow:
Hope you enjoy ^_^

Pic not mine, found on Google :D

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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