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March 26, 2013
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You take a deep breath as you walk down the seemingly endless corridor of the hospital, one hand clutching Feliciano’s, the other clutching Gilbert’s. You never wanted to receive the phone call that you just did. Ever. Even though you weren’t the one who picked up the phone, you knew exactly what it was for, ready to deliver the heartbreaking news.
Feli won’t stop sniffling, attempting to keep the tears from dribbling down his cheeks without much success. You had been comforting each other on the drive here and Gilbert had stayed quiet, as usual. It’s always the same, resulting in you wondering if this is the last time you’ll walk down this corridor. The only difference about this time is that it is probably true.
The three of you pause outside of the too familiar hospital room, too scared to move any further. You know you have to go in, have to face the horrible truth of the situation.
You glance up at Gilbert, as if asking permission to go in. He’s staring at the floor, clearly waiting for someone else to make the first move. Feli is now holding your hand with both of his, eyes shut.
So, that leaves you. You slip your hand out of Gilbert’s, realising that Feli isn’t going to let go, and open the door slowly to reveal Ludwig lying in the bed, sleeping. You grab Gilbert’s hand again before the three of you walk over to stand by his side. Gil pulls a chair over and says, “________, sit down.”
You do as he says, letting go of both of them to take Ludwig’s hand as softly as you can. As you do, he wakes up, opening his blue eyes to look at you. A gentle smile appears on his face as he whispers, “________.”
“Hi, Ludwig,” you say back, smiling encouragingly.
He looks up at the two men, “Gilbert… Feliciano…”
“L-Ludwig…” Feli whispers, dropping to his knees.
“Hallo, Bruder,” Gilbert says, kneeling in between you and Feli, “Wie fühlst du dich?”
“Nicht gut, Bruder,” Ludwig replies before coughing violently and then wincing. You can tell he’s in agony. He’s never looked weaker than he does now, his blue eyes also having lost the brightness they once had. Looking at him just starts you crying.
Ludwig’s attention turns back to you, “Don’t cry, Liebe. Please.”
“I’m sorry, Ludwig. It’s just… I can’t help it. I wish I could be strong for you… but it’s so hard and-” your voice cuts off as you start to sob, closing your eyes to try and stop yourself. You feel a hand run across your cheek, wiping away your tears.
Opening your eyes, you watch Ludwig take your hand again, saying, “________, you have been strong, and you still are. Thank you. I’m just sorry I have to leave you.” He pulls your hand towards him and kisses it, “Meine Liebe…”
Feli has started to whine quietly, staring at his best friend. All three of you glance at him.
“L-Ludwig…” he mumbles quietly before saying, all in one mad rush, “I don’t-a care if you make me get up early and run hundreds of laps! You can make me do whatever you like if you just get better!”
“I don’t-a want you to leave us alone! Don’t-a leave me! I’m sorry for not listening to you in the mornings and-a not doing as you say all of the time!”
“You’re my best-a friend, Ludwig! I just don’t-a want you to die and leave me, and leave ________ and Gilbert and Kiku and-”
“Feliciano!” Ludwig raises his voice to stop the Italian, causing another painful coughing fit. You stroke his forehead gently once he’s calmed down a little, his breathing shallow as he clutches the side of his waist.
“…I’m sorry…” Feli says, covering his face with his hands.
Ludwig says, “It’s fine, Feli.”
“I’ll still train every day, Ludwig! I promise!”
Ludwig chuckles quietly.
“Ludwig, sweetie, do you need anything?” you ask.
“Nein… I’m just glad to see you all,” he smiles at you and you lean forward and kiss him. Then he suddenly winces, trying not to cry out in pain.
“Ludwig!” you and Feli say, you clutching his hand.
“Bruder, was weh? Soll ich einen Arzt rufen?” Gilbert asks, the absolute panic present in his wide crimson eyes as he stares at his younger brother, tears gathering, threatening to spill.
“Nein… they can’t do anything…” Ludwig shakes his head, “I know I haven’t got long, so listen…” he looks at Feli, who is still crying rivers, “Feliciano… don’t be upset.”
“H-how can I not be upset? Ludwig, you’re my best-a friend! I’m-a going to miss you…” the Italian says, shuffling forward so he can take Ludwig’s hand, “I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without-a you.”
Ludwig smiles, “And you’re my best friend too. Thank you for being there, even if I worked you to the ground every morning…”
Italy laughs, his voice unsteady from the tears. “I don’t mind. It’s… fun,” he lies, trying to cheer him up.
“Ja, I’m sure it is,” Ludwig smirks, shaking his head. He then looks at his brother, “Gilbert… meine Bruder… I’m glad to have had you as my older brother. No matter how we used to argue, ich hab dich lieb… You’re the best big brother anyone could ask for and I wouldn’t change you…”
“Oh, Ludwig, ich hab dich lieb. Of course I love you… I always thought I wasn’t a good big brother, but I’m so glad you think that I am,” Gilbert says, the tears freely running down his cheeks, “I love you too, Ludwig.”
“Gil… Feli… I’m counting on you both to lead full and happy lives… and to make sure ________ is okay… and that she leads a full and happy life,” he then looks up at you. You aren’t sure if you’re ready for this, to say goodbye… He’s your Ludwig, the man you love. You don’t want to say goodbye.
“Ludwig, I don’t want you to leave me,” you say, clasping his hand.
“________, please do something for me. Live your life.”
“I don’t want to live my life without you, Ludwig!” you sob, stroking his forehead again. Your grip on his hand doesn’t get looser, and his grip, surprisingly, is equally as strong.
“I’m just sorry, liebe… I’m sorry we didn’t get married.” He touches the engagement ring on your finger and then continues, “But you can get married, have a family… Don’t waste time mourning for me.”
“There is no way I would be wasting my time. I’m never ever going to forget you. I’m only yours. And you’re my Ludwig…”
“________... I-ich liebe dich.”
“Ich liebe dich auch. Always,” you say, kissing him repeatedly, “I can’t… Ludwig, I love you so much… I can’t do this without you.”
“Don’t say that. You will be fine… and these two better make sure of that…” he winces once more, “It… It’s hard to…breathe… T-the pain… I’m sorry… Gilbert… ________… Feli…”
“Shh… Ludwig, it’s okay…” you say.
“Ich liebe dich… all of you…” he says, before his eyes slowly close, his final breath leaving. This causes you to break down in tears, Gilbert pulling you into a hug and Feli coming to join, and you all cry into each other’s clothes.
“Ich liebe dich, Ludwig,” you mumble into Gilbert’s shirt.

~*~Time Skip~*~

Gilbert fills a glass with cold beer. “Well, if you have a problem with it, Frau, I’ll just leave it in the glass,” he says, smiling as he puts the glass down by the gravestone.
“But then it’ll get all… disgusting…” you reply, wrinkling your nose.
“Fine,” Gilbert picks it up and tips the contents of the glass over the ground, smiling thoughtfully, “Here, West, we brought this for you. It’s the good stuff.” He winks at the gravestone and then winds his arm around you, “We miss you, kleinen Bruder.”
“Every day, Ludwig,” you say, “…Happy Birthday, sweetie. I love you.”
The two of you stand in silence for about five minutes, you resting your head on Gilbert’s shoulder.
“…I think you killed the grass,” you say, tapping at the ground with your shoe.
“Hey! This is good stuff!”
“It’s disgusting.”
“You take that back!” Gilbert grabs you around the waist, causing you to giggle.
“Quit it!” you laugh, trying to push him away, “Look, can’t you ever be serious?”
“You were the one who said I’d killed the grass!”
You grin at him and turn back to the gravestone, “Your brother is a moron, Luddy.”
“So is your fiancée, West!” Gilbert says, shaking his head at you. You touch the cool rock, running your fingers gently over the words ‘Ludwig Beilschmidt’, the sunlight glinting off of your engagement ring.
“I’ll never take it off, Ludwig. I’m only yours, no one else’s…” you whisper. Gilbert rests his hand on your shoulder.
“She’s doing good, West. We all are, I promise.”
You stand up and turn back to Gilbert, “’kay, let’s go.”
“You all done?” he asks. You nod, hugging him for a moment before slipping your hand into his and walking away.
“We’ll be back soon, Ludwig…”
:iconcryforeverplz: I'm sooorry! I dunno what made me write this but even I'm saying it's sad! D: I wrote this a week or so ago but I needed to finish college work so I didn't finish it. But, then I saw it again, tidied it up a little and thought 'hey, what the hell, let's upload this.' I didn't say what he was dying of, so that's up to you :/
My first GermanyxReader and this happens. Oh god. I really like Germany too... D: Sorry, Doitsu! I need to write a happy GermanyxReader now...


Wie fühlst du dich? - How do you feel?
Bruder, was weh? Soll ich einen Arzt rufen - Brother, what hurts? Should I call a doctor?

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)

I own nothing but the wordyness ;) :P
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