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You tap pointlessly at the buttons on the controller for the games console in your hand. The little character on screen jumps whenever you do, moving around as you instruct. He still didn’t quite jump when he needed to, though, plummeting hundreds of feet into cloudy nothingness that rested at the bottom of the level before exploding with a horrible squeal and re-spawning at the last checkpoint. Clearly that wasn’t cloudy nothingness. That was electrified cloudy nothingness. …people were mean in creating ways for your character to die.
“________, what on earth is it that you’re supposed to be-”
“…did you just shush me?”
Shh! Arthur, you’re making me lose concentration.”
The Brit rolls his eyes, taking a seat next to you, “God forbid I’d ever do that. Looks like you need all the help you can get with this game.”
You sigh in frustration as the little character dies again, this time getting squashed under a big falling block, popping out from underneath it with a squelching sound.
He didn’t re-spawn.
He was dead.
You had died for the last time that this level would allow.
“Look what you made me do!” you say, smacking Arthur on the back of his head.
“Ow! How on earth was that my bloody fault?” he asks, sitting up suddenly, shielding himself from any further attack.
“It just is. Anything bad that happens is, from now on, your fault.”
“Because that makes perfect sense. Thanks for that. Anyway, are you going to be getting dressed at all today?”
You glance down at yourself, mumbling, “…Oh, I’m still in my…” your voice trails off as your eyes run over the pattern of your PJs. You look back up at Arthur. His eyebrows are raised as he takes in your appearance. No matter how inexperienced you are at gaming, you still have a gaming-look that is made up of PJs, no make-up and the little puppy-dog slippers Alfred had bought you for your birthday a few years ago. The ears of the dogs were kind of matted now, and one of them only had one eye, but there was no way in hell that these were going anywhere near a black sack.
You answer his question with, “Yes. I will be. But, I’m not done with-”
“I really think that you are. There is a bit of cream from that last Oreo on your cheek and your hair could make a bird very bloody happy.”
Arthur stands up, just in case you decide to make another attack on him.
“It’s not that bad,” you defend. Alright, so you had been in this sort of gaming mode since this time yesterday, but he didn’t know that.
“Shower. Now, please. I’ll make some tea. Make yourself look pretty,” he mumbles, starting to gather up some of the remains of the mess you had made.
“Pretty? Why? I’m not going out anywhere,” you say.
“I didn’t say you were. I’d just prefer it if I wasn’t in the company of someone who had a crisp in her hair,” he reaches up and plucks it from your ‘nest’, putting it in one of the boxes he’s going to throw away.
“…sorry. I’m gonna go shower now.”
You stand up, leaving your own nest that you had been building since yesterday. Your blanket had made a distinct circle around where you had been sitting and the cushions from the couch were buried in there somewhere, too.
…Ok, now you kind of got what Arthur was saying.
You trudge up the stairs, raking a brush through your hair as you go. You were starting to get used to Alfred’s ‘brother’ by now, clearly, seeing as you didn’t feel a bit embarrassed. …well, maybe a little. He had been over a lot more whilst Alfred had been away, though. Probably due to your boyfriend’s strict instructions for Arthur to ‘make sure ________ keeps smiling at all costs or I’ll smack your British face so hard that you’ll fly halfway across the country and then I’ll come get you and smack you all the way back again.’
Nice parting message for your brother, Alfie. Well done.
When you reach your room, you gently pick up the pink photo frame containing the picture of you and Alfred. He’s carrying you, bridal-style, and looking pretty pleased with himself, as you scream with laughter, asking to be put down. Nowadays it was more like you’d be asking for him to never put you down. To never let you go, so you could always be with him.
His last letter lies underneath this picture. He’d written out the lyrics to one of your favourite songs on the back. Well, it was only the chorus he had written out because that’s all he could ever remember.

I’m coming home, I’m coming home,
Tell the world I’m coming home,
Let the rain wash away,
All the pain of yesterday,
I know my kingdom awaits,
And they’ve forgiven my mistakes,
I’m coming home, I’m coming home,
Tell the world I’m coming.

I love you, ________. Don’t ever forget that. I’ll be coming home before you know it, baby. xx

That last line always brings tears to your eyes. You miss him so much, and it hurts getting up every morning alone, now. You hated being reminded that he’s off fighting and in danger but…
Sighing, you fold the paper back up and tuck it back under the frame, ready to hop into the shower.

~*~Short Time Skip~*~

“U-uh, ________, are you nearly done in there?” Arthur’s voice calls out.
“…Arthur, are you in my bedroom?! Get outta there!” you yell from the adjoining bathroom, mainly because you had left your clothes – including your underwear – lying out on the bed.
“I was just wondering,” he says.
“What’s the rush? Anyway, I’m coming out, now. Now, get out of my room so I can come and get dressed.”
You listen for his footsteps walking away before leaving the privacy of your bathroom. You had finished your shower about five minutes ago, anyway, so you get dressed straight away, applying a little bit of mascara while you’re at it, and bounce down the stairs in search for your hairdryer. You had put on a white skirt and yellow t-shirt with a white daisy in the middle, in hopes that it would pass for ‘pretty’.
When Arthur looks up from his cup of tea and nods in approval, you say, “I’m so glad this is good enough for you.”
“Well, do I look pretty?”
“Yes, I suppose. Very summery.”
“…oh good. I’m glad.”
Looking around as you snatch up your hairdryer and turn it on, you notice that Arthur has cleaned up all of your mess and even folded up the blanket and straightened up the cushions.
“Thanks for cleaning, Arthur. It looks great. What’s this all for, though?”
“Hm? Oh, it was no problem. And I promised Alfred that I would keep you smiling. You didn’t exactly seem that cheerful in your little gaming… hovel,” he says, shaking his head at the memory.
“I was very happy, thank you very much,” you yell over the blasting roar of the hairdryer. Gaming reminded of you of Alfred, no matter how you did it or how bad you were. Your (h/l)(h/c) hair was being blown wildly around your head, making it difficult for you to see, so you brush it back as you dry it until it is definitely bone dry.
“There. Isn’t that better, ________?”
“…I suppose I have to agree with you,” you reply with a smirk, ruffling the Brit’s hair, “Do I look alright now, Artie?”
“Yes, you look very pretty. May I get you some tea?” he glances at the clock, but then looks back at you.
“Sure, but let me get it. You want a refill?”
“That would be lovely, thanks,” he says with a nod.
Taking his cup, you walk into the kitchen, flicking on the kettle. Arthur stands up and walks over to the window with a sigh, tapping his foot to a non-existent beat.
“Do you have sugar?”
“No, thank you,” he says, not turning when you walk back with both cups. Seeing as he’s not coming to get it, you take it over to him, balancing the cup on the windowsill.
Taking a drink, you ask, “Anything interesting out there?”
“Not really. Three dogs and their owners.”
“Are you gonna sit down?”
“No. Give me a minute.”
Shaking your head at him, you leave him to it, turning the TV on. His phone buzzes a few moments later. He takes one glance at it, and then says, “It’s a lovely day. Why don’t we take a walk?”
“…a walk? Really?”
“Yes. A walk. You’re all dressed up and looking… better now, so maybe you could show it off a little?”
You pause, narrowing your eyes at him. Show it off? What…
“What’s going on, Arthur? You’re acting weird,” you say, standing up and facing him.
He goes to say something else, but then sighs in defeat, “Look, I’m really bad at this. ________, come with me.” He glances out of the window once more before seizing your arms and putting one hand over your eyes, “Right now would be preferable.”
“Arthur, what the hell?! What are you doing?” you ask, making an attempt to get his hand off of your eyes but both of your wrists are being held by his other hand and, well, it’s surprisingly strong.
“Sorry about covering your eyes, but I made a promise and… well, I’m just going to take you outside,” he explains, taking his hand off of your eyes to open the door, but then instantly putting it back on to lead you down the steps.
You hear a car pull up, so you say, “I swear, if you’re going to throw me in a car with Francis, Toni and Gilbert, then I will kill you. That was not fun.”
“No, I’m not doing that. Besides, you know that wasn’t my idea,” Arthur says. A car door opens and then shuts again, followed by footsteps. Arthur then continues, “Anyway, here. I have a present for you. It’s come… a long way, you could say.”
“Arthur, whatever it is, it better not be a load of crap, ‘cause…”
Your voice trails off when he takes his hand away from your eyes.
Standing in front of the car is your American boyfriend. He has a grin plastered on his face at the first sight of you, waiting patiently for Arthur to remove his hand from your eyes.
Still dressed in his uniform, he drops his bag and says, “I hope I’m better than that.”
“…Alfred,” you whisper, eyes starting to water at the sight of him.
“Hey, baby.”
You then take off at a sprint towards him and then throw yourself into his open arms, your arms winding around his neck.
“Oh my god. I missed you,” you sob into his shirt.
He laughs, “I missed you too. I’m so happy to see you.”
You don’t reply, just hang onto him as if you could never let him go. You don’t want to ever let him go. Having him here, just being able to hold him in your arms, is the best feeling ever.
“See, I said I was coming home soon,” he says, pulling away so he can kiss you.
“I know. I know you did,” you mumble, kissing him back.
“I love you, ________.”
“I love you too, Alfie.”
You stand for another minute in each other’s arms, Alfred kissing your neck as you just keep hold of him, as if you’ll never let him go.
“C’mon, babe, let’s go inside,” he says.
So Alfred can keep his arm around you, Arthur comes over and picks up his back for him, saying, “Welcome home, Alfred.”
“Thanks, man! Missed you, too, y’know.”
They smiled and you all walked inside, closing the door behind you. Alfred pulls you onto his lap when you’ve sat down. You finally let go of his neck and say, “I feel better, now you’re home.”
“Good. …wait, does that mean that Arthur didn’t keep him promise? ‘Cause, if not-”
“No, no, I did my job,” Arthur says, “I think she needs a lesson in playing that bloody game, though. I don’t like the thing, myself, but I know that that was not how you play it.”
Alfred laughs, “Seriously?”
“I wasn’t that bad,” you defend, pressing your face into his shirt again with a quiet giggle, thinking about the state the room was in before Arthur had appeared. You were very glad the Brit had made an appearance today.
“I’m guessing you knew about this?” you ask Arthur.
“Yeah, of course. I had to come over and make sure you were alright. And looked decent,” he says, clearly thinking back to the nest you had built, too. You just hoped he wouldn’t mention to Alfred.
“Oh, ________, I have something for you…” He stuffs his hand in his pocket and pulls out a little box, “This isn’t very romantic, but I love you. You’ll never forget that, right? No matter how long I go away for.”
“O-of course…”
“So, will you marry me?” he asks with a smile, opening the box to reveal a diamond ring.
“…oh my god… Yeah, of course,” you say, a smile growing on your face as you nod. He slides the ring on your finger. You fling your arms around him again, “I don’t care. It was romantic. All I care about is that fact you’re home, and that you asked me. I love you, Alfie.”
“Love you too, babe,” he whispers, pulling you close to him again, “But you do realise this means I’m gonna have to teach you everything I know about video games, right?”
The two of you spend the day wrapped in each other’s arms. You slip into bed at night and wait for your fiancé to join you, pulling the blanket right up to your chin with a childish smile as you watch him undress.
He turns and grins at you, “Everything alright?”
“Yeah, fine. It’s just… you look great. I missed this.”
He laughs, “Yeah, me too. You know, I told you I was coming home.” He slides the last letter out from underneath the picture, and flips it over so he can read the lyrics.
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home,
Tell the world I’m coming.”
You smile as he slides into the bed next to you and you put your hands on his strong chest. He hugs you for a moment before saying, “So, I leave you for a few months and I come back to hear you’ve been failing at the video games.”
“I’m not that baaaad!”
I was gonna explain what the requester wanted, but to make life easier, I'm just gonna post what the requester sent:

AmericaxReader, please? Can you do something where the reader is waiting for Alfred to come home from like Afghanistan and Arthur is there with the reader. He’s the only one who knows Alfred is coming home today. Maybe it could end in a proposal? ^_^ Also, if it’s not too much trouble, could you put in some of the lyrics from this [link] ‘cause I think it’d be cute :3 it’s like one of my fave songs :D even just the chorus?

So, hope you like it :D Any mistakes pointed out is appreciated and the pic is not mine, found on Google :) Enjoy, my lovelies :meow:

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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great story!I almost cried though cause this reminded me of my uncle he was in the army and everytime there was a war i would pray and he would come home alive but i don't have to hope anymore because he is at his own home now in arizona with a wife and kid as a retired soldier.Also bless those who have family members in the army

Marshmallow-Maraca Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Glad you liked it ^_^
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